About Crosby

Crosby Government Solutions was founded in 2020 by principals of Crosby Energy Services, a successful woman-owned business that has provided operators to major energy companies around the world for more than 50 years.  CGS combines proven project management experience with access to thousands of fully qualified workers who can provide sound project management and implementation services for a wide range of projects. These projects include Disaster Preparation, Relief, Recovery and Restoration; Energy and Renewable Energy Services; Construction; Brownfields; and Infrastructure.

Meet the Team

Lacey Crosby


Lacey has been a strategic partner with Mike Crosby in building the success of Crosby Energy Services. She has not only participated in making high-level strategic decisions but has also built the essential infrastructure that has made it possible for Crosby to succeed and to expand its reach across the country. Lacey brings her unique ability to translate strategic goals into practical business decisions to Crosby Government Solutions.

Mike Crosby


Mike maintains the strategic vision for CGS and translates his comprehensive understanding of business and industry–particularly the Oil and Gas Industry–into strategic recommendations and decisions for Crosby Government Solutions. Mike brings a wealth of knowledge to CGS, based on his own experiences founding C&D productions in 1992, in response to changing hiring practices in the Oil and Gas Industry. Since then, this company—now called Crosby Energy Services—has grown 650% and has extended its services from an offshore environment into many states across the country.

Chris Brantley

Chris Brantley


Chris serves CGS as Chief Financial Officer. He has 10 years’ experience as Executive Vice President and CFO for Crosby Energy Services where he manages the company’s monetary business. For CGS, Chris Is responsible for leveraging investing relationships and providing marketing research in order to direct CGS’s finances. He works closely with the executive team to determine optimal strategies for financial investment that will grow CGS in the short and long term.

Matthew Vasquez

COO and Chief of Security

Matthew Vasquez manages the CGS Program Management staff and directs Security Services for CGS. Matt spent 17 years as a law enforcement officer before joining Crosby in 2021. He served as an officer in the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Department for 11 years and later joined the Louisiana State Attorney General’s Office as an Investigator. He has also managed his own security business providing executive protection and other services for private companies.

Thomas (Tommy) Dulin

Principal, Disaster Services 

Thomas brings more than 40 years of hands-on experience in national and international disaster relief and recovery to CGS. The depth of his experience allows him to build close relationships with CGS contractors and subcontractors while working closely with State and Federal clients to assure that CGS meets their requirements and expectations at all stages of a project. Tommy’s experience began with Hurricane Allen in 1980; he has continued in disaster response work since then, playing a variety of critical management roles after events like Hurricane Katrina, Super Storm Sandy, the Oregon wildfires, Hurricane Ida, Hurricane Ian.  His lifetime of commitment to disaster response and recovery uniquely qualifies him to manage individual CGS disaster recovery projects and to work closely with contractors and subcontractors to assure that each project meets the CGS quality standard.

Valerie Veillion

Valerie Veillion

Chief of Administration

Valerie serves as the Chief of Administration for CGS.  In this role, she oversees all aspects of the internal administration of CGS, which includes coordinating resources and field activities. She also provides oversight of the CGS enterprise resource management and compliance functions.  Val has over 15 years of experience within the Energy and Resources industry.

Key Partners