Crosby Core Values

Adaptability. Ability to recognize and respond to unanticipated project challenges. The best solutions require the different backgrounds, perspectives and open minds available in our diverse community-based workforce.

Community engagement.  A project workforce that contains a significant percentage of displaced local community members. CROSBY maintains close cooperation with–and respect for–the expectations and interests of the community.

Innovation. Practical hands-on experience combined with inventive processes and technologies creates solutions tailored to the needs of the project and the client. Crosby provides unmatched value to our customers.

Integrity. Adherence to honest practices, ethical standards and fair dealing. We do the right thing when we face tough decisions.

Quality. Assurance that every aspect of a project meets or exceeds all expectations and commitments. Quality standards guide all aspects of our projects, from planning through execution and delivery.

Safety. Commitment to maintaining the highest standards for health and safety on all our projects and in all our offices. CROSBY projects have a proven record for safety, security and reliability.

Sustainability. Our future demands that we find practical sustainable solutions to current and future challenges. Crosby is committed to this vision.

The Double Black Swan

2020 saw shattering events ranging from the oil price war to the COVID-19 pandemic, which many experts now refer to as a Double Black Swan. These dramatic events changed our landscape forever. Faced with major uncertainties, the oil and gas industry—which had been notably resilient in previous downturns—shed tens of thousands of jobs.

Crosby Energy Services saw that the hundreds of thousands of displaced workers across the United States represented a significant national resource if their knowledge, skills and experience could be repurposed and placed in other jobs and other industries.

Crosby launched Crosby Government Solutions (CGS) to leverage the experience of displaced workers as a resource for Local, State and Federal agencies and their projects.

CGS now provides comprehensive management and field services, with an emphasis on training and hiring workers displaced by major industry changes and by natural disasters. CGS is built on the extensive engineering, construction, security and program management experience of the CGS team, which has focused on capital projects, including public-private partnerships, government contracting and disaster relief.